At VASEY, our project diversity and experience enables us to provide superior service backed by our guarantee.

Clean Room Applications

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Clean Room Applications

Clean room applications, typically used in manufacturing or scientific research require a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. At VASEY we know exactly how to handle these conditions safely and according to desired specifications.

Data Centers & Server Rooms

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Data Centers & Server Rooms

Data centers and server rooms are the lifeblood of all business operations – whether it is for profit or not-for-profit. Consequently, losing operation in these areas has the greatest impact on equipment and functionality.

Dealerships & Fleet Service Centers

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Dealerships & Fleet Service Centers

VASEY specializes in applications such as monoxivent systems, infrared heating, service bay heating, and showroom comfort. We understand the demands and critical need for energy management as well as maintaining customer and employee comfort.

Food Processing

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Food Processing

With food processing, humidity, temperature, heating and cooling operations can all affect the product output. These challenges must be regulated in order to maintain the highest quality control and product integrity.

Industrial Facilities

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Industrial Facilities

With industrial applications, operations may run 24/7 which means a work stoppage equals lost production time and unhappy customers. At VASEY we excel at unique application needs.

Manufacturing Facilities

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities have a unique set of challenges – dirt, oil, grime and residues. Proactive, preventive maintenance is essential to keep equipment operating at peak performance and maintaining facility comfort.

Medical & Surgical Centers

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Medical & Surgical Centers

Surgery centers have special and unique needs such as tight control specifications, HEPA air filtration, temperature and humidity control requirements.

Non-Profit & Worship

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Non-Profit & Worship

Our expertise ranges from design build construction to maintenance and service. Our clients reside in a variety of structures – from older historical landmarks to state-of-the-art contemporary facilities. VASEY understands the importance of keeping the building fresh and comfortable.

Office Buildings

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Office Buildings

Regardless of size, we can implement cost effective solutions ranging from design build, tenant finish, perimeter/ interior zone controls, to complete building automation.

Retail & Shopping Centers

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Retail & Shopping Centers

Let VASEY handle your tenant finishes, build-ons, or new construction. Our expertise ranges from on time equipment replacement to bundled preventive maintenance packages.

Warehouse & Distribution

VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Warehouse & Distribution

Warehouse and distribution centers are unique projects that require extensive and careful planning. Our experience with a wide range of facilities makes VASEY the perfect choice for your design build, installation, and preventive maintenance needs. We maintain ideal working conditions while keeping the facility, the product, and the employees in mind.


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