Case Study - Midwest Supplier

VASEY Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning
Saves a Leading Midwest Supplier of Fixtures and Industrial
Parts *20% in Annual HVAC Costs

The Client Profile

Serving the market for almost 115 years and covering approximately eight to ten Midwestern states, VASEY’s client manufacturers and provides wholesale equipment and supplies to both the industrial and the consumer markets.

The Situation

Case Study - Midwest SupplierVASEY’s client had 20 individual / independent heating units in their 135,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Ten out of the 20 heating units were broken, in disrepair and in need of replacement.

The Client’s warehouse contains more than 12,000 SKUs of wholesale product inventory for the Midwest region. The previous heating configuration consisted of 20 individual heating/fan units suspended from the ceiling throughout the warehouse.

The following statistics apply to the antiquated 20 heating/fan units:

  • An average of $1700 per year in routine maintenance;
  • Repairing the old units: not a viable option due to age and the vast amount of repairs needed versus replacement. Depending on the size of the unit, replacement costs varied from $3,000 to $5,500 each;
  • At best, the efficiency of the old units equaled 60%-65% when they were originally designed and built for 80% efficiency;
  • Client experienced 10% higher costs and absenteeism due to warehouse team members being sick – includes paid sick days and overtime wages paid as a result of being short-handed.

The Warehouse Manager summarized, “Aside from the cold, it was always frustrating to have units down and of course at varying times, which resulted in multiple service calls and repairs – a definite disruption during our busy schedule. Honestly, at first, I was skeptical that VASEY’s compact unit could meet our needs and handle the demand. VASEY’s solution exceeded our expectations and continues to deliver as promised.”

The Solution

Case Study - Midwest SupplierVASEY installed a single source unit which now heats the entire 135,000 sq. ft. facility and allows for a single point of service, maintenance and troubleshooting if required. In order for VASEY’s client to qualify for rebates and an EPAct tax reduction, VASEY worked with a local third-party engineering firm to certify the design specifications and throughput required to meet the necessary standards and government regulations. A few comments from our client:

“We are thrilled with VASEY’s HVAC solution for our Midwest warehouse operation. Their installation process was excellent and we experienced little to no business interruption. Our new system is more cost effective and energy efficient as our team members work in a more comfortable environment.”

─ Company President

“Before installing VASEY’s new heating system, our crew always had to wear coats, gloves and hats throughout the entire warehouse. Now everyone is comfortable in long sleeve shirts – year round. Now that we’re warmer, it’s easier to focus and work more effectively. Plus we have reduced absences due to illness.”

─ Warehouse Operations Manager

The Benefits

  • Obtained an EPAct (Energy Policy Act) Tax Deduction for the entire amount of the project
  • Increased comfort, even from the furthest point away
  • Reduced energy bills 18%
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs from $1700.00 to $300.00 per year
  • Increased productivity
  • 3.9 year return on investment in energy gains alone
  • Experienced minimal business interruption during installation

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*Reflects Calculations Based on Heating Degree Days