VASEY Commercial Heating & Air - Service Request PageVASEY Online Non-Emergency Customer Request Form

VASEY now offers an Online Service Request Form for NON-EMERGENCY SERVICE REQUESTS 24/7/365.

This online form is for non-emergency requests only. PLEASE CALL (317) 873-2512 FOR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE.

 Click to Submit Service Request Form


Did You Know

Hail damaged condensers can decrease your efficiencies & damage compressors. Protect your unit from Hail Damage with Hail Guards.
Theft of residential and commercial condensing units is on the rise. Protect your Commercial Condensing Unit from this type of theft today!
When relative humidity levels are too high damage can occur to your hardware and cause component failure. Protect your investment today!


VASEY is in the preventive maintenance business first, repair business second. Why? It’s what we do. We analyze existing systems and determine their capacity and efficiency. We bring units back to “like new” condition. As part of our service, we identify troubled components and replace them before they fail. We always keep our customers’ interests first and foremost. Call us today!